İstanbul Moda Akademisi

The Meeting Point for Today's and Tomorrow's Fashion Professionals

Istanbul Fashion Academy (IFA) is one of Turkey's most competent fashion schools, recognized on international platforms, conducting educational activities with an innovative and modern approach in all areas related to fashion and fashion.

Being a member of the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI) and having a strategic partnership in the academic field with the University of Arts London/London College of Fashion, IFA aims to educate fashion designers with a high consciousness of fashion, design, and art, who are aware of international markets and to equip the industry with a creative and innovative workforce that will shape the future of the ready-to-wear and textile sector. Its experienced teaching staff consisting of local and foreign experts, up-to-date curriculum tailored to the needs of the industry, sector support, state-of-the-art educational building equipped with the latest technology, and Turkey's largest fashion library within its structure are just a few of the features that place IFA among the world's elite schools in fashion education.

For detailed information about IFA: https://www.istanbulmodaakademisi.com/

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