Ekoteks, since its establishment in 1998, has been operating as an independent laboratory with international validity, serving over 3,000 international and local organizations in the ready-to-wear, textile, leather, toy, cosmetic, machinery, and related sectors.

Operating without profit motives, Ekoteks Laboratories provide support to exporting companies in test requests, R&D studies, establishing quality infrastructure, and product certification. They also have a mission to regulate market prices in the competitive market. Additionally, they contribute to raising the quality of consumer products to the desired level and ensuring their sustainability. Ekoteks Laboratories also take on the responsibility of controlling banned chemicals threatening human and environmental health, as well as fulfilling social responsibility duties.

Accreditations & Certificates

  • ATCC Competence Certificate
  • Biocidal Product Analysis Authorization Certificate
  • CPSIA Test Competence Certificate
  • Ministry of Commerce International Supervision Company Certificate
The laboratories within Ekoteks include biotechnology laboratory, biocidal product tests, medical, protective product, and mask tests, toy and product safety laboratory, water and wastewater analysis laboratory, ecology laboratory, cosmetic product tests, chemistry laboratory, combustion laboratory, physics laboratory, material and fiber analysis laboratory, and antistatic laboratory.

For detailed information about EKOTEKS, visit: https://www.ekoteks.com/

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